Infrastructure & Technology
Only highly developed preparation machineries and processes can assure a superior fabrics and a competative advantage required today.

The-pre-requisite for success is a controlled production within predeterminded parameters, monitored and controlled by various intruments incorporated on the machines. Fabric is on Airjet Machines.

Research & development are inherent in every design & quality and different from the others as it is customer's need goes along within it.


Group consist of skilled and professional production team. Group has regularly widened it's infrastructure by regularly updating latest production technology for providing best quality of product to it's customers. Our monthly production capacity is 1.2 million meters. We at Ajay Group of Industries are committed to delight the customer by seeking excellence in manufacture and supply products that meet and excess.

  1. Adopting the best and innovative manufacturing practices.

  2. Adding value of the customer to become a preferred supplier.

  3. Continuously improving products, process & quality management system.

  4. Active participation of all the employees.

  5. Adopting & worky are suggestions need of the .... to be his prepent supplier

Ajay Synthetics (P) Ltd. is an institution where human resource and technology come together to manufacture products that gain worldwise recognitions.

In order to impart the high levels of services adherence and to achieve unparalleled product quality we have equipped our processing plants with state of the art technology.

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